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Have any of you noticed how blanketed the Western competitions are? Most days I can't even BLUP a horse on Western comps, and that's part of the reason I main my horses in Classic comps. I just decided to look at the Trail Class comps with a fully BLUPed Knabby of mine and somebody has entered a single horse in perhaps a hundred or so competitions. That was all I saw from entering one of my own as well. I understand the purpose of blanketing competitions for comp wins, but I don't understand taking over every single one. It prevents other people from having a chance with their own horses.

In an hour alone, I have one horse entered in 428 blanketed Western competitions. 4.2.8. Half of them are trail class and the rest are reining. I'm not even DONE entering my best Knabby into the reining competitions that have only one single highly-skilled entry. There could easily be at least a hundred more. Please tell me there is something wrong with that, especially since they are all primarily a single horse. I've counted three different ones in at least 75 comps each..
FINAL EDIT:  I entered my horse into more than 600 pre-blanketed competitions today. Trail Class, Reining, and Western Pleasure. All entries pretty much dominated by 5-6 horses entered in at least 100+ competitions each. My horse won't be winning a single one because he has less skills and fewer bonuses, but that is just how bad it is. What makes it worse for those trying to BLUP is the fact that Western Comp difficulty cannot be adjusted so that your horses can enter the least difficult comps first. Only the top entry comps are available, and those are almost always filled.

I mean... I did this short experiment, but how is this even right or fair to other players? This large-scale mass-blanketing? I didn't even know it was this bad until today!
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Alicia Guenthner
United States
I'm a university student finally! The weirdest thing is that Fridays just don't feel the same anymore, and neither do Wednesdays. It just feels like a normal routine that I've smoothly transitioned into. I also love reading, drawing, free-writing, and playing video games. My dream is to become a large animal vet, and of course do artwork on the side.

Here you'll find plenty of my own drawings and artwork, along with some characters of my creation every once in a while. In fact, my favorite made-up characters to their own stories are Scarred Tears, a pegasus who longs to find his long-lost friend, Sirius, and journeys to the end of his world to find her; and Iris, who is a dragon Princess that was set to be executed by her father for killing two others of her kind that were beating an innocent peasant, resulting in her subsequent escape and her quest in finding out who she really is, including her destiny as the Light Dragon. I have yet to add the latter to my submissions, but they will come in time. Just be patient.

Favourite genre of music: Rock and Country are tied
Favourite style of art: Traditional

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Hello, it's Rainstar44 from US Howrse. i forgot the password to winterbright so I made this account
Hello! Sorry for the late response... I have been on an awful long hiatus. How's it been? :)
it's okay, i read what you wrote on your presentation on howrse. i've been good, I got kittens ^^
Awww :3 Kittens are fun! They can be psycho at times, but they sure are entertaining to play with. My sister got one last summer. She will play with anything and everything given the chance. She is 10 months old now.
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Thanks for the fav :happybounce: 
Navarose Dec 2, 2013  Hobbyist
Thank you so much for the fav! :la:
Yoxiee Nov 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for adding my art 'Valkyrie Leona' to your favourites : )
Every support means a lot of to me! :meow:
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